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I love my fucking friends.

a is for acrewnit, which we stand by at all times.
b is for boo, which we are to each other.
c is for call me, which we do every day.
d is for doma, who's part of us.
e is for emily, who i am.
f is for failing your license test, which half of us have done. or failing to get it even though your of age.
g is for gangster and gun, what we are and have.
h is for "HALLLLOOO!" which we say before boo.
i is for ICREW! who we're kinda modeled after.
j is for just kidding, because we are never serious.
k is for krystle, who's hot and hell.
l is for love, which we have for each other.
m is for money, which we pay the chengs kitchen man with.
n is for naysway, who we love.
o is for oliver, who gives us rides.
p is for peeing, which we do on the phone.
q is for quarters, which we give the cheng man dollars in.
r is for respect, which we have for each other and ourselves.
s is for sarah, who's super duper fun
t is for trials and tribulations, which we have overcome.
u is for undercover hoes.
v is for victory, which is what we always prevail!
w is for WOOF!
x is for xylophones, becuase their fun.
y is for "yo...because we're gangster like that."
zzz is for sleeping, because we do it all the time together!

I love you 4. :)
a*crewnit forever, no matter what.
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